Do I need to come to your Massage Parlour to take the service?

No, our BestBangalore Escort Service headquarter is in Bangalore, Karnataka. You need not to come to our office. But we will send our escorts(Girls) to you at whatever location you choose in Bangalore. Our escorts are ready to meet you in your room in approximately 1 Hour from your approval booking time.

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Are the escorts photos and information real? What kind of Girls do you have?

100% The photos of all our escorts are taken by our professional photographer in our presence and are updated by our web designer. At Best Bangalore Escort Service we get to know all of our escorts personally and verify their measurements, age, appearance etc. before using their professional service.
Some do it because they really need money. Some do it because they like the work. Some do it for a while as an adventure, to see what it's like. Or a combination of all of the above. Escorts are Girls like all other Girl. Some of the Students, Working Women and House Wifes are escorts from our brand service.

When should I book my escort?

The sooner the better. We recommend at least 2 - 3 hours in advance, additional advance booking might be needed if outside the escort's immediate service area to account for extra travel time. Some escorts require a mandatory 24hr notice. However, we would be pleased to try and book at the last minute whenever possible.

What is the difference between "Diamond Class" and "Platinnum Class"?

Best Bangalore Escort Service on the other hand, take advantage of the agency's administrative services. Most Diamond Class Escorts regard escorting as an adventure - a chance to meet an interesting and charming gentleman: enjoying the ambiance of first class restaurants, the secret thrill of an "assignation" at a fine hotel, or the sense of shared adventure when she joins you on an exotic trip. Platinnum Class Escorts mostly have a career of their own and as such, lead an innocent life where escorting is out of place. Thus, they are totally dependent on your discretion. Of course, escorting is also a welcome source of "pocket money" for a young lady who is still primarily an amateur, whereas our Escorts are mostly "professionals".

What about health issues?

All our escorts have medical records and are tested monthly for HIV and tested weekly for STDs. All our escorts are healthy and professional.

How should I make payment for your Best Bangalore escort Services?

We accept only cash and our escort will collect it from you in advance when you meet together. Please remember that, we don't accept the Cheques and Credit cards. Hard Cash of Indian Rupees are only collected by our Escort during the service. Our price reflects the cost of the additional measures and regular tests we take to insure the health of our escorts, as well as the significantly greater skill and professionalism they show versus their local Escorts.

Is there an age requirement for customers and do you have any T&C?

You must be 18 or above years of age to enjoy the Services which provided by Best Bangalore Escort Service.
If you're clean and nice and polite you're doing a lot better than most already. Relax and enjoy yourself. Most hookers are impressed if you've taken a bath first.